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On a cold December night in Massachusetts, Mike Kittredge, a 16-year-old boy, sat at his family’s kitchen table. Christmas was just around the corner and he did not have any money to buy a gift for his mother. Fortunately, his desperation led to inspiration. He decided to make a candle for his mother because it would be a completely unique and personal gift, something she would really appreciate.

"I knew she was a little nostalgic and that memories and emotions were important to her."

So he created a simple candle from everyday materials he found there in the kitchen, consisting of household wax, a red crayon, some string for a wick and a milk carton for the mould. A neighbour happened to see the candle before he could give it to his mother and was so impressed, she convinced him to sell it to her. With his new-found wealth, the teenager bought enough materials to make two new candles, one for his mother and another to sell.


Apothecary Jar launched

Mike Kittredge has the very big idea of adding fragrance to apothecary jar candles.


Country Kitchen label

Yankee branding and 'Country Kitchen' style label is in use creating a traditional Americana brand image.


Photo label introduced

Branded Housewarmer® jars are introduced with labels featuring true-to-life photography. The candles are promoted as consumable giftware.


Photo label refined

Yankee Candle® replaces Yankee/Housewarmer®. Stripes are replaced with gold borders and accents. Tumblers and pillars are also introduced.


Vertical photo label

Launched for the US market. Updated Yankee Candle® logo introduced in the US.


Refreshed photo label

Updated to the European Yankee Candle® labels and packaging to modernise the brand.


Signature Jars

The Future

Rediscover Yankee Candle® products in a premium soy-wax blend. Beautiful designs and hand-illustrated labels make a perfect décor statement.

We employ over 6,000 skilled, dedicated workers around the world. You can find our stores, stockists and authorised retailers in more than 575 locations, and our popular candles, fragrances and accessories are available at over 35,000 locations. Chances are there's one near you. ​

Unlike many brands, our story is your story, too. We share your passion for making each day a little brighter, a little better, a little more enjoyable with your favourite fragrance. We're honoured to be part of that, and it's a responsibility we've never taken lightly. We are proud to be part of Newell Brands, a leading global consumer goods company with a strong portfolio of well-known brands.