YANKEE CANDLE® Elevation Collection with Platform Lid


Take Style to New Heights

Discover the soft corners and updated, tapered silhouette of our square candles—perfect for showcasing your style in every room. The quality thick-cut glass adds impressive dimension, making these square candles perfect for any décor and every room, whilst delivering room-filling fragrance. 

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to new heights

Innovative Lid Becomes the Candle’s Base

The unique lid for these square candles fits perfectly under the candle to create a sculpted platform base. This clever design enhances the sleek silhouette and showcases the unique, illustrated labels, creating an inviting warmth.

High-Quality Fragrances in Décor-Fresh Hues

Discover complex and nuanced fragrances designed to heighten your mood, in soft décor-friendly colours, these candles are right at home in any room.

Lid fits nicely under candle

Discover Our New Fragrances in 3 New Sizes

On-trend, distinct fragrances in a unique silhouette with a dual-purpose lid that doubles as a platform. Multiple wicks enhance the fragrance experience.

Large 2-Wick Square Candle

552g/Burn Time of 65-80 hours

Medium 3-Wick Square Candle

347g/Burn Time of 28-38 hours

Small 1-Wick Square Candle

96g/Burn Time of 18-28 hours