Yankee Candle® Burn Times

How long does a Yankee Candle® last?

Signature Large Tumbler Candle

Perfect for larger spaces, it also features a brushed tin lid that fits neatly under the base to serve as a candle coaster.

Burn Time: 60-100 hours

Weight: 567g

Signature Large Jar Candle

A refreshed take on our iconic Jar Candle shape, the two cotton wicks and a premium soy-wax blend provide beautiful ambiance.

Burn Time: 60-90 hours

Weight: 567g

Original Large Jar Candle

Like our Original Medium Jar Candle, the large surface area offers a great throw for larger rooms.

Burn Time: 110-150 hours

Weight: 623g

Original Medium Jar Candle

With up to 75 hours fragrance, and a large wax pool, these are great in bigger rooms.

Burn Time: 65-75 hours

Weight: 411g

Signature Medium Jar Candle

A refreshed take on our iconic Jar Candle shape, the Medium Candle has 2 cotton wicks and is good for larger spaces.

Burn Time: 35-50 hours

Weight: 367g

Signature Small Tumbler Candle

These are ideal for gifting, and using in smaller spaces.

Burn Time: 20-30 hours

Weight: 185g

Votive Candle

These are great for sampling new scents to discover a new favourite.

Burn Time: Up to 15 hours

Weight: 49g

Mini Candle

Yankee Candle® Minis come in the same true-to-life fragrances as our larger candles, making these tiny treats an easy (and adorable) way to try something new.

Burn Time: 7-10 Hours

Weight: 37g

Wax Melts

For use with our classic and electric Wax Burners - these are a great way to fragrance without the flame. With a strong fragrance throw, use in large rooms such as living rooms and dining rooms.

Burn Time: Up to 8 hours

Weight: 22g

Signature Reed Diffuser

The Yankee Candle® Signature Reed Diffuser creates a welcoming environment, enhancing the moments in any room.

Fragrance Time: Up to 6 weeks

Volume: 120ml

ScentPlug Refill

These come in handy two-packs, and work ideally in hallways all day long. To be used with our Plug In Air Fresheners, that allow you to adjust your fragrance intensity to your choice.

Fragrance Time: Up to 4 weeks

Volume: 18.5ml

Ultrasonic Diffuser

Our Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser features customisable light, mist and fragrance with essential oils.

Fragrance Time: Up to 8 hours

Volume: 10ml

Car Jar®

Fragrance that goes everywhere! Great for cars and small spaces at home.

Fragrance Time: Up to 4 weeks

Weight: 12g

Car Jar® Ultimate

Neutralise odours and freshen the air in vehicles and small spaces, such as gym lockers and pet areas.

Fragrance Time: Up to 4 weeks

Weight: 30g

Car Vent Sticks

Fastens securely to vehicle dash vents. Great Yankee Candle® fragrance on-the-go! 

Fragrance Time: Up to 2 weeks per stick

Weight: 29g