make your house a home

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New home? Looking to refresh your current one? Our room fragrance tips will help you settle in.

make a statement

Group bold coloured fragrances for a dramatic display that complements your décor.

match your home's style

Black Coconut

Choose good home fragrances that work well with your home’s unique character. If your house has dark timber and antiques, try spicy, room-warming scents.

refresh every room

  • Fragrance is a must-have accessory for giving every room of your home a unique, inviting atmosphere.
  • Use Large Jar Candles in your kitchen to make a fragrance statement.
  • Try our stylish glass Reed Diffusers to freshen your bathroom with 24/7 fragrance.
  • Have fun with scents in your living area — discover our Scenterpiece™ Easy MeltCup System and change scents in seconds.
Lemon Lavender

enjoy all day fragrance

Flameless Fragrance

Create a base fragrance throughout your new home with easy-to-use fragrance without a flame.

Home Keychain

new home hints & tips

from our design experts

Create Your Own Fragrance

Create Your Own Fragrance

Fragrance your home with the art of fragrance layering and mixology using different scents.

Be Strategic

Be Strategic

Find clever spots for Fragrance Spheres™—think laundry cupboard and wardrobes.



Add a finishing touch with our beautiful range of candle accessories.

Perfect Scents for Small Places

Looking for the perfect small space solution to stale air and lingering odours? Our Flameless Fragrance solutions work everywhere.


A little Car Jar goes a long way to freshen stuffy air in a small wardrobe.

Small Toilet

Neutralise odours and refresh small spaces with a discrete design that provides 24/7 fragrance.

Airing Cupboard

Prevent mustiness and keep tight spaces fresh and fragrant with a Car Jar Ultimate.