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your candles
Elegant, fun and on trend, our accessories add the perfect touch to your favourite fragrances.
find your style
From modern to classic, find candle accessory designs for every room, any home décor.
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How to accessorise your candles
Accessories enhance the look of your candles and help you care for them too.
Candle Shade and Trays
Candle Shades & Candle Trays
Shades reduce drafts for an even burn and trays help protect your counters.
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Candle Melt Warmers
Melt Warmers
Enjoy the exceptional fragrances using our Wax Melt Warmers.
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Illuma-Lid Jar Candle Toppers
Illuma-Lid® Jar Candle Toppers
Use one for a steady burn and even fragrance distribution.
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Jar Candle Holders
Jar Candle Holders
Enhance the look of any room with these collection of holders.
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Tea Light Candle Holders
Tea Light Candle Holders
Use in multiples for a dramatic effect.
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Votive Candle Holders
Votive Holders
Group in threes to add elegance to any candlescape.
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How to Care for Your Candle
Discover our candle care tips and how to create the perfect burn.
Wick Trimmer
Trim Your Wick
Use the Perfect Wick Trimmer to keep your wick trimmed to 3mm before each burn.
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Candle Snuffer
Use a Candle Snuffer
Gently dowse the candle’s flame to prevent smoking and to keep the wax from escaping the candle.
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Illuma-Lid Jar Candle Toppers
Use an Illuma-Lid® Jar Candle Topper
Help promote a clean even burn by steadying the flame.
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refresh every room
Melt Warmers
Living Room
Use a Wax Melt Warmer to fill a room with welcoming fragrance. Choose from classic or electric in styles to suit any décor.
Add a touch of style to your kitchen with a candle holder - they protect surfaces while you enjoy your favourite fragrance.
Create a spa-like atmosphere by placing Samplers® Votive Candles with votive holders around your bathroom.
Make a bedside lamp by pairing a Candle Shade with a Candle tray and create a warm and cosy atmosphere.